Certificate, certificate under Circular 27 Decree 44

Decree No. 44/2016 / NĐ-CP stipulates the target groups of training of occupational safety 6 groups (2 groups compared with Circular 27/2013 / TT-BLDTBXH). After joining the training course on labor safety and passing the examination and inspection, groups of laborers will be granted certificates and labor safety certificates under Article 24, Decree No. 44/2016 / ND -CP.

1. To issue a training certificate
a / To organize training and qualified enterprises to themselves train the trainees in groups 1, 2, 5 and 6 for self-training after the examinations and examinations meet the requirements;
b / The training certificate, made according to a set form (not printed herein).
2. Secure card issuance
a / Employers shall issue safety cards to trainees of group 3 after the satisfactory examination. To organize the training of safety cards for laborers who do not work under labor contracts;
b / Safety cards, made according to a set form (not printed herein).
3. Grant of certificates of professional medical labor
a / To organize training; self-training enterprises; The medical establishment includes a professional medical education institution, other educational institutions with sector code of the health science sector, and a research institute of the national preventive medicine system at the central level. Training functions and centers for training of human resources for health shall issue certificates of occupational health certificate to persons who have been trained in occupational health subjects after satisfactory examination;
b) The certificate of occupational health certificate, made according to a set form (not printed herein).
4. The follow-up book of group 4 is trained
a / Employers shall record the training results of trainees of group 4 on the book of monitoring the training work at production and business establishments.
b) Books for monitoring training work, made according to a set form (not printed herein).
5. To organize training and qualified enterprises to train themselves and production and business establishments to make books for monitoring the granting of training certificates, safety cards and certificates of occupational health; The tracker of people belonging to group 4 is trained according to forms 09, 10 and 11 of Appendix II to this Decree.
With the labor safety certificates, safety cards, certificates of professional qualifications in labor health, the time limit for grant and grant of new ones is prescribed as follows:
a. Training Certificate, Safety Card for 02 years. The certificate of occupational health certificate is valid for 5 years.
b. Within 30 days prior to the expiry of the training certificate, safety card or certificate of occupational health certificate, the employer shall make a list of the persons to be provided with the results of the training or Documents proving the updating of knowledge and skills on labor safety and hygiene as prescribed in Clause 1, Article 21 of this Decree and sending training organizations, medical establishments or enterprises to train themselves according to regulations. Article 26 and Article 29 of this Decree. If the training results are satisfactory, they shall be granted new training certificates, safety cards and certificates of occupational health according to the provisions of this Decree.

Phuong Nam Company provides certificate and certificate in accordance with Circular No. 27 of Decree No. 44/2016 / ND-CP guiding the Law on occupational safety and hygiene on technical safety inspection, training safety occupational hygiene and labor environment monitoring for employers, workers and enterprises, organizations and individuals concerned.

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