Labor safety contributes to the strength of the enterprise

Labor safety contributes to the strength of the enterprise

In recent years, the modernization, specialization in production has helped enterprises significantly increase capacity and business efficiency. Therefore, the investment budget to improve production capacity is always the business focus. However, few people know that when they increase production capacity, but if not at the same time to build and equip labor safety for production forces, the rate of labor accidents will increase, the plan and production the investment is severely affected. Accordingly, in order to increase labor productivity and sustainable development, every enterprise strives to ensure safety for workers. As for workers, with the improvement of their skills and professionalism, the sense of the right to labor safety is also increasingly evident.

Work safety when working on high (Artwork)

Trends in building safety culture in enterprises

Following the trend of international integration, an enterprise is now considered to have competitive advantages and potential growth opportunities when besides the existing machinery and equipment, the enterprise has a secure environment. labor safety and always put the safety factor of the production force ahead. Experiences from developed countries show that building a safe culture is one of the important criteria for business survival and sustainable development.

Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh, director of APP packaging company in District 12-HCM City, said that labor accidents greatly affect the lives of employees and the operation of enterprises. So at APP, apart from the occupational safety engineer, the company’s director directly supervises labor protection. Thanh Company also put the work safety into the most important content in the internal rules of labor. In large companies such as the steel rolling mill, in recent years there have been 11 labor protection councils and a safety net with 27 members in 27 production groups. Everyday, before the shift shift, the laborer must sign a commitment to bring all the labor protection equipment as prescribed.
Mr. Pham Van An, Production Manager of a mechanical company in Song Than Industrial Park (Binh Duong), said: “Every year, we have a headache every time we have to recruit workers. Instead of returning to the factory! The power of word-of-mouth among the workers is so great that only three dozen people say that a better job is being recruited, that we lose a few dozen workers. Businesses must now compete with each other in attracting skilled workers. Apart from salaries, bonuses, workers also pay attention to other values ​​such as professionalism, the level of labor safety through clothing, branded footwear … “

According to Mr. An, with the special working environment of many machines, one of the solutions to keep workers of his company is commitment to fully equipped labor safety, because only one accident will cause both Collective workers lose their morale, labor productivity has declined, some will leave to other enterprises.

Labor safety makes the brand for business

Dang Minh Quan, a staff at a M & E company in District 9, shared the view that workers are interested in knowing that they are working in a professional and modern environment. So the occupational safety is the way that his company builds the pride of the occupation for workers, thereby contributing to build the brand for the business. This is especially reflected in costumes and protective shoes. Therefore, Minh Quan asked the board of directors to invest in high quality workers’ clothes and protective footwear of DH-group, a prestigious brand in the market. Although the cost of this equipment is higher than in previous years, but in return, the number of workers on the voluntary leave reduced and especially labor safety is guaranteed than before. Many highly skilled workers also apply for jobs because of their desire to join the professional and modern workforce of the factory.

Recently, in order to ensure labor safety and make a commitment to the health of the workers, many businesses have boldly invested in high quality protective clothing, especially shoes and accessories. Most protective for workers. The most popular brand of workers’ shoes are DH-group safety shoes. DH-group specializes in manufacturing and supplying workers’ shoes, school shoes with 100% real leather (cow / buffalo) with thickness of 1.6mm or more, ensuring superior durability; Base material is oil resistant rubber with good adhesion, anti-slip and special heat resistance. Shoe shoe and shoe soles are made of metal, which helps to reduce shock loads and reduces the risk of sharp objects such as nails or other metals.

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