Maintenance of substations and power stations

There are a lot of fires and explosions happening, in part because the concerned units do not care about their stations, such as not paying attention to the amount of oil in the machine or oil leaks out, from This causes serious consequences. Therefore, proper maintenance of the transformer station is very important, so regular maintenance will help the machine perform better.

Reasons for maintenance of the substation

If the line is a blood vessel, the transformer is the heart of the electrical system, which plays a very important role in every production facility.
Transformer stations, as well as any other equipment, can be damaged during use, making the machine unusable or unusable.
There are many reasons why the transformer station is damaged, such as poor design, fabrication, aging during use, or possibly due to poor maintenance of substation, due to adverse operation …
For the above reasons, the requirement for the user is to have a warranty period for the machine to operate well, without any problems or effects. User should check the transformer station for 3 months After completing the test, make sure to record in the performance check register, 6 months to complete the maintenance process of transformer station once in accordance with the regulations of Vietnam Electricity.

Maintenance procedure for transformer station

Here are the maintenance procedures for the transformer station that you can refer to and follow to make the station work better:
Before carrying out the maintenance process of the substation, the transformer should be separated from the high voltage grid, the secondary aptomat of the station shall be placed in the open position and proceed as follows:
Check if the connector has been sure if the problem occurred to find a solution in time.
Check other connectors for sure, short circuit or not.
Clean the ceramic insulator surface with metal cans.
Check whether the oil level is sufficient or not, how oil quality is guaranteed to operate the machine. This is an important step in the substation maintenance process that the user needs to know.
Consider the connection of the box is tight or not.
If you follow the maintenance procedures of the substation, you can rest assured that the station will work best, bring high efficiency, help the system operate more stable.
Currently, many of the transformers of factories, units, factories, apartment buildings put into operation for many years are often explosive because some units do not care for their transformers. Not paying attention to the oil flow in the machine, or the oil leakage causes oil loss in the machine often caused fire or explosion on the transformer. If your computer is damaged, damaged, exploded, it will take a long time to repair. Maintenance and maintenance of the transformer is therefore very important. Regular maintenance and maintenance will help the MBA perform better.

+ Survey overview, analysis and assessment of the operational status of the MBA and the equipment.
+ Perform professional master cleaning MBA.
+ Examination of MBA contact points.
Check oil level, if oil level is too low, oil leakage should be checked.
+ Cleaning and repressing the cosse head, medium and low voltage cable junctions.
+ Cleaning the shell and porcelain, check the cable first, second, second.
+ Consulting, reinforcing the station site to suit the stable operation of the MBA.
+ Inspection and testing of transformer quality according to regulations
Make sure the security devices attached to the MBA work well.
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