Police investigate the collapse of the scaffolding that killed 3 people

Police investigate the collapse of the scaffolding that killed 3 peoplet

According to the authorities, workers are poured concrete floor on the second floor, this place collapsed causing 3 people downstairs died, 3 injured.
On the afternoon of January 17, a few hours after the collapse of the scaffolding at the construction of the green area combined parking lot and service for Toyota Mo Lao (Dai Mo ward, Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi) The entire site has been enclosed, covered canvas.
Inside, functional forces are still checking the scene, workers, strangers are not allowed to come in. Outside, many regional people stand by the track. They were shocked to hear that three people died after the incident.

Cong an dieu tra vu sap gian giao lam 3 nguoi chet hinh anh 1
Functional forces blockade the scene, the entrance to the work is tethered security guard banned people.
Photo: Hoang Cu.

Get out of work

Luong Van Tu, 38, a Thai ethnicity, resides in Moc Chau, Son La Province, said the incident occurred as he slept outside the inn, a few dozen meters from the scene. Wake up after a loud noise, he ran to the site saw many workers panic, fear.
After a while, the rescue crews were on the rubble looking for those who were buried. They forbade strangers to enter the scene for fear of further collapse. Without power, he watched the corpse of his fellow rescued out.
Tu said that he has been working at the site for more than 20 days, negotiating with the owner, no contract, no insurance. If enough working days will receive about 6 million / month.
“When the incident was not mine, if not, I would be a victim. Earlier this morning, the company gave all workers temporary leave, “Tu said.

Cong an dieu tra vu sap gian giao lam 3 nguoi chet hinh anh 2
Mr Luong Van Tu, workers at the site. Photo: Hoang Cu.

Phi Phi Van Ngoc (homeland in Moc Chau, Son La), said that at 6 am he was preparing to go to work site that new incident occurred. Arrived, Ngoc heard a colleague playing his friend, home in Yen Bai, scaffolded down, crushed death.
“When I was out, his body and two others were taken out of the ruins. I was really shocked, before we went to work yesterday evening, we also had a drink but now we have no chance anymore, “Ngoc sad.
Young men (20 years), said the work has about nine teams of workers work together. The work of Ngoc is to phase, only to do day. The labor protection equipment on site is absolutely nothing but a pair of shoes. He worked on the day, the day the investor calculated the day, every day earn nearly 200,000.

Three victims died in Yen Bai
In the afternoon of January 17, the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs of Hanoi reported the accident of three deaths at the construction work in Dai Mo ward in Nam Tu Liem district. same day.
Accordingly, the incident occurred at 2h25 at the construction of green areas combined parking and car service on the road to To Huu. The investor is Viet Nhat Development and Service Joint Stock Company. Construction contractor is Hanoi Construction Joint Stock Company No.1.

Cong an dieu tra vu sap gian giao lam 3 nguoi chet hinh anh 3
Inside the place where labor accidents occur. Photo: Hoang Cu.

At the time, a group of workers were pouring concrete on the second floor, collapsing, killing three workers on the first floor, three injured.
Victims of death include: Ban Van Manh (28), Tran Van Cuc (31) and Ban Van Huc (22), from Yen Bai. The injured (1 male, 2 female) continue to be treated at medical facilities.
Immediately after the incident, the authorities have supported each family mortality is 15 million, injured 7 million.

Cong an dieu tra vu sap gian giao lam 3 nguoi chet hinh anh 4
The entire billboard of this project was removed after the accident. Picture: Le Hieu.

Talking with Zing.vn, Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, deputy head of FPD No. 3, said that the site of the collapse of the scaffolding was the construction of the green area combined with parking and services for Toyota Tile Lao.
On the afternoon of the same day, Toyota Vietnam representative said the unit was not involved and has not received information about the incident.
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