Preventing labor safety violations at quarries in Quang Binh

Preventing labor safety violations at quarries in Quang Binh

The people in Tuyen Hoa district (Quang Binh) are working in stone exploitation but do not have the equipment to protect labor safety.

The people in Tuyen Hoa district (Quang Binh) are working in stone exploitation but do not have the equipment to protect labor safety.
Recently, many readers reflect, at the quarries of Quang Binh province often occur fatal accidents while quarrying. Causes due to miners and laborers failing to comply with the regulations on labor safety, together with that, the inspection, detection and handling of functional agencies for violations are not effective.

Every year is dead

In recent years, in Quang Binh every year there have been fatal accidents involving stone mining. On October 28, at the Lone Na stone quarry of Cosevco Building Materials Enterprise 12, workers Mai Xuan Hien (51 years old, staying in Chau Hoa district, Tuyen Hoa district) are drilling rock slipping from 30m high to the ground, dead spot. Also in this quarry, in 2014 there were four accidents causing two deaths and two injuries.

Presented at the Len Na mine, we saw a group of workers burning incense, sculpted limestone mountain horns in front. These workers said that every morning to the quarry, the first is burning incense wishes luck, no accident and then embarked on the job. An elderly worker said that although the accident always stalked but because of the livelihood, people like him have accepted this risky job. The stone mining is not always done from the top of the mountain, but to provide stone to customers, mine owners always require mining workers up by blasting method. Therefore, the upper rock always collapsed causing accidents at any time. In fact, many fatal accidents have occurred during blasting operations. We understand that although this “reverse process” is potentially more likely to cause accidents, many mining mines in Quang Binh apply despite the danger to workers.

Currently, Quang Binh has 42 quarries licensed for mining, of which there are eight mines with an industrial scale for cement plants and concrete mixing plants. In addition, there are dozens of illegally exploited mines in most districts in the province. This small scale is mainly managed by the Commune People’s Committee, but in practice it is almost floated. According to the Inspectorate of the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs of Quang Binh province, the main reason leading to the accident of stone exploitation happened continuously over time is the mine owners, mining enterprises and workers lack of ideas. Compliance with safety rules in stone mining.

Revoke illegal mine licenses

Deputy Chief Inspector of the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs Quang Doan Xuan Toan said that every year, miners are given specific instructions on labor safety procedures, but when implemented, most of the processes This is garbled or ignored. The results of the annual inspection by the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs show that many enterprises exploit stone equipped with safety equipment for workers, but the rate of use is still low. According to the regulations, workers have to wear safety belts and eyeglasses to protect their eyes when using stone, but through field inspections, the percentage of workers wearing safety belts is less than 40%.

According to the head of the Economic and Budget Committee of Quang Binh People’s Council Vo Minh Doang, through the supervision of the People’s Council in 2014 at 25 quarries, only five units have a mine manager with a professional degree as required; 20 units have certificate of mine management, no professional certificate. Along with that, the work safety assurance has not been properly attention. In some units, workers directly exploit stone lack of labor protection equipment, are not trained safety techniques, health insurance, periodical health examination. Only five out of 25 quarrying enterprises have labor protection clothing and perform periodic health checks for workers. While many units have not complied with the basic design and technical process and safety of mining, there is a risk of accidents. Employees themselves also neglected to safeguard their lives and health. , especially for seasonal workers for private quarries. A recent inspection of seven rocky accidents shows that all seven were killed using safety straps and violated labor regulations while working.

In order to deal with the situation of labor safety of stone exploitation, the functional agencies of Quang Binh province should intensify the inspection and supervision of labor safety and hygiene procedures at quarries; Organizing inspection teams and dealing with miners without responsibility for accidents. To resolutely suspend the operation and withdraw permits for stone-exploiting establishments in violation of occupational safety and hygiene, in order to cause death.

“The treatment of authorities in the past time for the owner of the stone is not serious violation of clarification of the responsibility of quarry owners when the accident.


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