Production and supply of safety signs for construction works and advertising signboards

Signage, signage, traffic signage is an essential requirement of all organizations, enterprises, factories, office buildings as well as small businesses.
Capture the needs of customers want to make signs, signs, billboards. Phuong Nam Company signs and signboards in the city. Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces with SAFETY is regarded as a measure of the most perfect quality:

mau lam bien chi dan, lam bien bao cong trinh ben chac cua quang cao minh long

Templates make signs, make signs of the firm firm of Phuong Nam

Signs, signs, traffic safety signs are structured like?

Usually made of stainless steel, steel or zinc-plated iron, signboards, signboards, traffic signs are groups of boards with special functions, surface decal or reflective spraying. Three-coat chlorination with 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of paint.
When choosing signposts, traffic signs, traffic signs, depending on the purpose of use as well as installation location, you can choose to make the sea in various shapes such as signboards Works, signs traffic rectangular shape, circle, polygon, triangle, A shape, …
Most of the signboards, signs to the company, shops, restaurants, spas, hotels, … provided by Phuong Nam company have the foot of metal to help move the sea easily. or use a solid foot to dig deep underground. With the design as “stable as the jar”, the signboard products, signboards, signs traffic safety of Phuong Nam absolutely no shuffling, tilt or more serious than broken Harmful for road users.

lam bien ao cong trinh dang thi cong dam bao an toan trong xay dung

Make signboards of construction projects that are safe in construction

Signs, signboards, traffic signs are common
Currently, the units that make the billboards, signage and safety signs all offer the following popular products:
– Make signboards for entrances to companies, shops, trade centers, shops in the alley, spa, beauty salon, gym, showroom, … with mica, fomex, iron, steel, wood, stainless steel
– Make fire safety banner, sign area safety, smoke sign, non-stick decal reflector, 3M decal or spray powder.
– Traffic signage: Making signboards; Make signposts of lanes; Make a danger sign; Making road signs; …
– Make danger signs, make warning signs, make signboards of all kinds
– Make rules, make bulletin boards
– Doing required action
– Make signs of emergency equipment

lam bien bao an toan giao thong be mat dan decal phan quang

Make signs traffic safety surface stickers decal reflective

Phuong Nam specializes in providing signboards, signboards, signs traffic safety in the city. Ho Chi Minh
Phuong Nam Company is committed to providing non-smoking beach products, signboards directed at companies, shops, restaurants, hotels, …, signboards, safety banners, safety signs High quality road traffic:
– Satisfying all customer requirements: make signs in TP. Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces …, make signboards, make signboards for bans, make danger signs, make signboards of works under construction, make traffic safety signboards, safety banners. ..
– Communicate accurately, consult the selection of signboards, make signboards, make appropriate traffic safety signs.
– Observe closely the regulations as signboards, the signboards of the State as well as the local authorities

quang cao minh long luon tuan thu quy dinh ve lam bien chi dan, lam bien bao giao thong

– Complete the procedure of making signboards, making signboards, signs and traffic safety signs quickly and conveniently
Details of signage services, signage of Phuong Nam Company are available at:
MST: 0311788915
Address: 15 St. 13, Kp.4, Binh An Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: (028) 3740 7344 | Fax: (028) 3740 7343 |
Hotline: 0967 729 487 Mr An
             0169 7920 268 Ms Oanh

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