Workers Caused by Cutting Labor Protection Costs

Workers Caused by Cutting Labor Protection Costs

The workshop on “Responsibility of employers and trade union organizations on OSH – FEP” has been organized by Hanoi Construction Department. At this workshop, many causes of occupational accidents were analyzed. However, there is one reason why many are startled by the low bid competition, which results in not only the quality of the work but also the cost of personal protective equipment, Scaffolding … also reduced to lead to serious occupational accidents.

According to the Chairman of Trade Union of Construction, the risk of occupational accidents occurring constantly in the work of workers in the construction site, the higher the work, the risk to workers is always proportional upon. The Hanoi Institute of Science, Technology and Construction (HAID) offers a worrying fact when many construction works fail to adequately address labor safety – labor protection. In particular, the workers work under the radius of the crane when the pile press occurs regularly. Even workers cling to the hooks. Overhead work, especially when constructing reinforced concrete column, has no safeguard measures, there is no working floor system sufficiently large enough for workers to work in the pits. deep foundation, floor borders, roof floor, staircase … in principle must have protective railing but in practice during construction is less interested in fencing or barriers in a short time.

Many commented that: The investment in labor protection equipment in the works is still very formal. Almost a few of the labor safety helmets are located at the site command office to serve the technical staff or when there are inspection teams from the management. The cause of high risk of occupational safety is due to the fact that contractors have not fully implemented regulations on labor protection, lack of interest and inspection. Besides, the awareness and sense of observance of labor safety rules of the laborers are weak. Status runs in progress or job whiteouts still occur in many places. Accidents caused by falling from the ground down, due to material falling, pouring; Accidents when working in dangerous positions or dangerous workplaces but lacking insurance, the realms are still recurring.

Actual in the transport sector showed that, due to the sanctioning of people causing the occupational accident is light, not enough deterrence. Penalties for the contractor not equipped enough labor protection equipment is not high, so some individuals approve the site to pay a penalty than to purchase labor equipment. One of the most notable reasons is that many contractors consider that interest rates in construction are decreasing, thus avoiding the provision of labor protection equipment to workers. Due to competition in bidding, units in the construction industry have to bid low to win the bid. When the contract is awarded, they must reduce the cost in all ways, including reducing the cost of personal protection, shielding, floor operations, scaffolding system … When the accident occurs, only participants and their families are disadvantaged.

On the occasion of the 2011 OSH 2011, in order to overcome the above situation, it is necessary for the responsible agencies to resolutely handle violations of the labor law, Current measures of occupational safety, to occur fatal accidents. Serious penalties should be imposed on enterprises and units that violate regulations on labor safety and hygiene, fire and explosion prevention, especially labor protection equipment. Avoid low bids and cut down labor costs. It is important for the responsible agencies to consider the construction and installation bidding documents, paying more attention to labor safety and labor protection, and may even consider the conditions for awarding the contract. .
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